Calculator - Casio FX-300ES Plus

Calculator - Casio FX-300ES Plus

Casio's latest standard scientific calculator features new Natural Textbook Display and improved math functionality. FX-300ES PLUS has been designed as the perfect choice for students learning General Math, Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra I and II, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Physics. 

  • Intuitive functions
  • Improved math functionality
  • Natural Textbook
  • Recommended by the Math Department for Math 1550 and below

Calculator - Sharp EL-233SB

Calculator - Sharp EL-233SB

Sharp EL-233SB Calculator 

    • Large Display; 8-dight LCD display 
    • Battery Operation; LR1130 battery is included 
    • 3-Key Memory; memory plus, memory minus, & recall/clear memory keys 
    • Includes percent key & square root key 
    • Automatic power off 

*Recommended for Nursing Students 


Calculator - TI-30 XA Scientific

Calculator - TI-30 XA Scientific

Basic, battery-operated scientific calculator with one-line display and general math and science functionality. Ideal for General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2 or General Science.

Key Features:

  • One-line, 10-digit display
  • Fraction features
  • One-variable statistics
  • Conversions
  • Basic scientific and trigonometric functions

Calculator - TI-30X IIS Scientific

Calculator - TI-30X IIS Scientific

TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator 

    • Solar/battery-operated scientific calculator 
    • Menu for selection of setting appropriate for classroom & study needs, combining statistics & advanced scientific functions 
    • Helps students explore math and science concepts 
    • Shows entries on the top line & results on the bottom line 
    • Entry line scrolling feature

Color: Blue 


Calculator - TI-84 Plus Graphing

Calculator - TI-84 Plus Graphing
  • Graphing calculator handles calculus, engineering, trigonometric, and financial functions
  • USB on-the-go technology for file sharing with other calculators and connecting to PCs
  • 12 apps preloaded
  • Displays graphs and tables on split screen to trace graph while scrolling through table values