Art Supplies

8 Piece Pottery Tool Set

  • Basic pottery tools required for the professional as well as the beginner
  • Contains loop tool, needle tool, ribbon tool, scraper, potter's rib, wood modeling tool, sponge and wire cutter

Crayola 12 Ct. Colored Pencils

  • Presharpened points stay sharp longer and resharpen easier than most colored pencils
  • Features thick soft 3.3 mm cores that don't break easily under pressure
  • Bright colors provide smooth scratch-free laydown and are perfect for color mixing and blending
  • Manufactured from strong reforested wood leaving rainforests alone and protecting the environment
  • Made in the USA

Crayola 24 Ct. Crayons

  • Includes key primary and secondary colors
  • Convenient small package
  • Double-wrapped crayon for extra strength
  • Made in the USA

Crayola 8 Pk. Washable Markers

  • All-purpose, washable markers specially formulated to wash clean from skin, clothing, and walls
  • An assortment of vibrant hues, each with a broad tip for drawing, doodling, writing, labeling, and more
  • Contain recycled plastic, which gives a second life to over 1 million pounds of plastic
  • Made in the USA

General's Kneaded Rubber Eraser

  • Both latex and lanolin free
  • Great for erasing graphite, charcoal and pastels

Portfolio 24 Oil Pastels

  • Water-soluble oil pastels for wet or dry work
  • In their solid state, these bright, vivid colors dry blend into true secondary colors with the traditional creamy consistency of oil pastels
  • Dip in water or use a wet brush to blend colors and create exciting watercolor effects
  • Assorted colors include black, rust, green, yellow green, blue, true blue, violet, pink, red, red orange, yellow, white, blue violet, peach, red violet, yellow orange, gray, medium brown, golden brown, orange, slate gray, blue green, cerulean and moss
  • Oil pastels come in a stick form with a wrapper to protect your fingers during use and are certified AP nontoxic

Pro Art India Ink

  • Deep opaque, waterproof, black ink
  • Super black free flowing ink is fast drying and excellent for calligraphy, pen and ink, technical pens, brush and airbrush
  • Outstanding value in a 2-ounce ink with a dropper top
  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236