Bic Quick Dry Wite Out Correction Fluid

  • Foam brush provides neat, precise corrections
  • Covers photocopies, faxes, ink and most markers
  • Strokes on easy, then dries fast

Master Lock Combination Lock

  • Bright metallic color makes locker identification easy
  • 1-7/8 (48mm) wide metal body
  • Aluminum cover with durable anodized finish and silver dial
  • Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance
  • Colors may vary
Master Lock combination lock, three-number dialing and 1,500 combinations for maximum security. Use on lockers, bikes and sports bags. Durable metal construction for greater strength. Automatic locking lever assures a second shackle when closed. Lock combination automatically scrambles upon lock closure for extra security. Worlds best-selling combination lock from the worlds largest padlock manufacturer. All Master Lock combination locks are individually tested for strength and durability, and each offers a limited lifetime guarantee.

Post-It Flags

  • Eye-catching, colorful flags in detachable dispensers are easy to spot and great for color-coding
  • Each flag sticks securely and removes cleanly
  • Dispenses one flag at a time
  • Copy shows through flags

Swingline Tot Stapler

  • Perfect size for convenient stapling in the office on the road or at home
  • Includes built-in staple remover and staple storage compartment
  • Durable plastic construction and stylish colors
  • Colors may vary